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“Be Happy Outloud…” | Free Social Media Graphic


I distilled my life advice down to fun words for a friend, and I’m sharing them with you………

“Be happy out loud, shine bright, collect goosebumps, surround yourself with beings that sparkle, smile as much as you breathe, and openly love life in order to truly live.” —Kimberly Teed

Really read it.

I wrote it cute, but chose the words with a lot of thought. Try to embrace the fun words; especially, “surround yourself with beings that sparkle.” because I bet you 99% of your glitches are related to toxic people and/or their influence. Walk away from toxic. Furry babes are great sparkle’ies when humans suck; spoil them, they spoil you.

Shine bright, my pretties. Go, collect goosebumps.

.. .. ..

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I do not own this photo, its photographer is unknown.
Livestream video clip of me creating this graphic.

Post edited on October 10th 2019.

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