My 2019 Social Media Stats

September 8th 2019 : the beginning of my Focus on growth.

For decades I focused on the growth of everyone’s social media, except mine. Now it’s my turn.


Here are my starting stats from just regular, random posts. No focus, just when I thought of it…….

Instagram @KimberlyTeed . 239 posts . 521 followers . 427 following
…my personal Instagram. Posts have been just me, being me, and my photos are pretty much just me being sweaty. LOL

Instagram @kimberlymediacreative . 14 posts . 12 followers . 12 following
…started this account to display some images from my new Didn’t want my personal profile filled completely with them.

Twitter @kimberlyteed 2,791 Tweets . 12.7K Followers . 914 Following
…Twitter was my favorite social media, but I abandoned it for a bit over a year, lost about 10,000 followers. Re-started posting on Twitter here and there about a month ago, mostly stuff about Twitch.

And, my other Instagram accounts :

Piggie Teeds : 64 posts . 105 followers . 120 following
Squ’abies! : 12 posts . 52 followers . 51 following
Well’thy Pups : 65 posts . 128 followers . 172 following